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? >> that's confusing to me. >> don't be so naive. >> gosling is incredibly fertil. >> honestly, i don't understand the point of the ads. i don't get it. i'm pretty smart, but i don't get it. can you explain it to me? >> i think it is propaganda and it is trying to be funny. propaganda is never funny even when they are trying to appeal with a demographic. it is much like yourself, rick. >> i think we should go back to dog yoga. stacy was mesmerized. >> you are like 17, right? >> i am almost there. >> you are the target demographic for these ads. did they work on you? >> i wish that they did. i wish they actually called me and asked me to be in them. >> really? >> the thing i didn't like about them is the acting in them and the poising and the modeling was just not good. there was one with a little kid and a knife cutting a pumpkin. >> that was horrible. >> he was not enjoying it enough. >> how would you have posed in a sex ad? >> rick, i think we all how i would have posed in a sex ad. >> i don't think the audience knows. i think the audience needs to know. >> i get what they are tryin
defend this abject failure? it's the bigotry of low standards. you just don't expect competition from a black leader. by smearing helpful critics, you weren't hiding under a hood but you didn't have to. you had the false armor of political correctness as cover. as everyone is finally admitting, our emperor in the white house has no clothes. even obama admits obama care's a disaster. i guess he's racist too. hopefully this whole thing is ending, a.t., because everybody was scared. >> yes, so no one focused on what was in the bill. they were too busy on who is criticizing him and is there raci racism? >> i should be encouraging it. although if you look at his -- for people who work for him, i don't want him to be nude. bob, is it a problem that if all criticism is deemed racist, that no one will criticize? >> i don't agree with the premise. i know we're going to pick out some -- we've got some sound on tape here about some liberals who have made comments about people being racist. the lion's share, massive majority of people on the left do not believe that people are racist because they
items on future agenda. >> any public comment on this item? >> sorry. i don't understand. still working on this. >> commissioner fraser. wiener and mar. >> my suspicion is that it will take a while and whose bill it will make it out. to be clear, it's nothing but unclear now. i will keep everyone updated for sure. >> all right. item no. 13. >> the clerk: item 13, discussion item, opportunity for the public to comment on any matters within the boards jurisdiction. >> commissioners, just one quit note while i'm not hard of hearing is that you don't speak directly into the microphone and especially commissioner fraser, we can rarely hear almost all of what you say and it gets lost and you swallow the end of your sentences. after many years. too many years of speech and forensics. commissioner, it's great because we hear everything that you say. i would ask you all to please speak directly into the microphone. we have members who regularly wear hearing aids and we have difficulty understanding what goes on and the commission secretary is right on with her comments. everything she says can b
the code. >> that's a planning department code it's probably at max. >> okay. i have a question i don't know which of you could answer the question. actually do you want an answer to your question first >> i don't know. >> it could go to either. whoever can answer. with respect to i think the word used by the permit holder is the facade or any type of planting or construction. what would be permitted to create some type of blockage. i've seen it in different forms but i don't know is there any suggestions of creating some level of privacy >> from a building code of view any material could be used. trellis is okay >> and height also; right? >> okay. >> thank you. >> i address well, can you ask your question again. >> so it's been extend 6 feet longer than it used to be what's itself limit and the exiting company is rh one s that has a rear yard for 25 percent for this project is 28 feet so right now they're providing approximately 45 feet of rear yard so their 20 plus feet of buildable envelope to this site. they're not close to the rear yard line which wasn't an issue >> woul
, rather than decreasing. am i correct in that assessment? >> vice chair terman, i don't know that it is -- i would have to take a look and compare the first three quarters of 2012 with the first three quarters of 2013 and let you know. it kinda goes up and down and when -- as i understand chief's policy and certainly chief antonio can advise, when someone is us stained for failure to collect traffic stop data the first time it's an admonishment and then if it's more than once, then the discipline progresses and one officer who refused to collect traffic stop data and stated that in that officers interview with the occ, that that officer did have time to do it, that officer was suspended. >> yeah. i understand the progressive discipline we have in place, but i want to -- i guess i'd like to hear more information on those comparisons between 2012 and 2013, the first three quarters, 'cause i'd like to know the affect to have this, and discuss what we need to do about it, if anything. >> yes. and i will provide you with that information and i look forward to meeting with you t
newsroom with don lemon. >>> welcome back to our live coverage. i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us. you're not going to believe this story. we're going to begin with a story that every veteran, even veteran police officers are calling shocking. a couple in union county, north carolina in jail this hour after a deputy found a child head cuffed to a porch with a dead chicken hanging around his neck. you have some additional information about this and about the mother, but i can't believe this story. >> there are many shockers in this story, but one of those shockers, don, is that this mother works for social services. so above everything, she works for social services, and even though she was not there at the time that the deputies arrived, she is accused of being complicit in the mistreatment of those children. take a look at your screen. here are their mug shots. doren lee harper and wanda sue larson, both 57 years of age, now facing intentional child abuse, inflicting serious injury, false imprisonment and cruelty to animal charges. wanda sue larson is also charged with willful fa
the next 48 days. >> i don't think the estimates were -- >> i know the estimates weren't there, but if you do the math, that's how it works. i yield back. >> i thank the gentleman. i'm sorry that you have to look at his figures. in fact, the burn rate necessary to get done wasn't understood from day one. and the surge requirement at 4:30 in the afternoon or 5:30 in the afternoon pacific time wasn't in fact what you were looking at. because i know mr. vanroers kel would understand you need two or three or four times the capacity of when people are actually going to log on and try to do it. miss loomis is recognized. >> thank you, mr. chairman. mr. chao, you said high risk is a vulnerability that could be expected to have a severe or catastrophic adverse effect on individuals, or organizational operations or assets. i want to focus on the part about the severe or catastrophic adverse effect on individuals. is it true that there were two high risks that were continued to be found related to the market place information systems, but you weren't told about them at the time? >> i think you're re
at detroit. it's a mess. 46 million people on food stamps. people realize they don't want this. they don't want one creating a website worse than the post office. >> k.g., president obama said he didn't know the website wasn't working when they unrolled it. the plausible deniable i'm sick of it. >> he would have been shown the door if this was a private company. this is a disaster. look at his approval numbers. the american people don't trust him or the healthcare phoneny scam he tried to popzy scheme in sucking up to this to believe it will work. this shows that the liberalism are a prescription for 666 for the country. >> juan you put your hand to the forehead. what is working? >> this is too much celebration on the right. the right thinks game over we won. at the shutdown you were totally in the tanks. the president fumbled, he made a mistake. this is on him. >> that is the first thing he has been right about. >> let me finish the point. >> what we had right now, you heard say government does nothing wrong. i don't hear anybody say that about social security, medicare, the u.s. milita
if they don't meet the standards of the healthcare law. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. molly? >> greg, more than 5 million americans have received those cancellation notices letting them know that they won't have their health insurance plan anymore. it's going to be cancelled because of obama care. and lawmakers are hearing from those constituents. that may be part of the reason why 39 house democrats voted for a republican bill the upton bill that would allow americans to keep their health insurance plans even if they don't meet obamacare standards. president obama had announced a day earlier that his administration would craft an administrative fix to allow people to keep their health insurance. still, those 39 house democrats likely feeling the pressure from their home districts broke with the president, broke with their leadership, and voted for the upton bill. >> what has to drive my vote as a doctor, for someone who really underunderstands healthcare is what is best for american patients. and then as a representative of the district, i really have to be responsible for
proathletes, the locker room culture, the use of the "n" word. you don't want to miss that tomorrow at 5:00 eastern on cnn. >>> hello, everyone. thank you for joining us, top of the hour. i'm don lemon. a deputy sheriff walks up to a house, sees a child handcuffed to the porch by the ankles and there's a dead chicken around his neck. it happened. two adults, a man and woman are in custody at this hour and what the woman does for a living will surprise you. we are joined with the details on this. we have new video of the scene. what can you tell us about this? >> we have new video of the house, the outside of the house, of live animals, a chained animal and a dead chicken. we don't know if this is the one that was allegedly around this boy's neck. we have that video, folks. here is what we know. they are facing intentional child abuse, inflicting serious injury, false imprisonment and cruelty to animal charges. larson is charged with willful failure to discharge her duty as a public official. listen to this. she is currently employed as a supervisor of the union county department of
? it's the bigotry of low standards. you just don't expect compensate from a black leader and by smearing helpful critics, your own prejudice slips by.bu you weren't hiding. you had the false armor of political correctness as cover. but as everyone is finally admitting, the emperor in the white house has no clothes. even obama admits obamacare is disaster. i guess he's racist, too. hopefully this whole thing is ending because race baiting provided a shield that allowed obama to fail because everybody was scared. >> yep. so no one focused on what was in the bill. they were too busy focusing on who is credit criticizing him and are there racial undertones to that criticizing. you said he has no clothes. so you're anti-nudist now. >> that's so true.s i should be encouraging that. although if you look at the people that work for him, i don't want him to be nude. bob, isn't the problem obvious that, if all criticism is deemed racist, then no one willr criticize? >> i don't agree with the premise. i know you're going to pick out -- we've got some sound on tape here about some li
've previously had copies 80 that shows the changes of the windows. >> so increase no changes. >> don't those plans reflect the changes in the egress. >> well, it removes the need for the second needs of egress. >> the plan is changed. >> i'll let the architect speak to that are. >> the change is a change before we met in october the plans that were submitted to you and the people appealing it's the same plan showing the sliding glass doors it only has a dash line here the numbers indicate that we're less than 2 hundred and 50 feet from the further corner of the top deck. it distributes in the description of the work the removal of window and door when i met with the gentleman i shimmed the windows changes and i understood today joe duffey said he didn't care. that's the only change otherwise we'll leave the door at the top of the landing. it would meet the egress requirements and we'll go for a revision permit to put the doors on which the planning department will have a problem with >> thank you. the plans there's no approval stamp on that; right? >> the rest of the plan that ron tom
, i will guess reply. affordable housing is in low apply many the city. i simply don't see how this appeal gets to this issues under the circumstances. ; right with regard to the appeal the appeal time has inspired to begin with even if it was appealable. i don't see any prejudice to having the developer pay that at the completion of the project. the law didn't provide for land depression concerns if so the losers would have include that in the legislation. i'm inclined to deny the appeal. i also find under the planning code section 321 b the planning commission considered the factors that needed to be considered and prepared to uphold their findings >> anyone else? i find this to be difficult in the sense of the argument made by ms. hesitating take care not awhile i think morally and ethicly excelling necessary to be heard here. and understood and appreciated. my concern here is this is technically not the approach that i would take to a persuade to moved in the favor of the appeal. i think we can all have different views of what is promoting the welfare what is convenient fo
. that is all the time we have . >> people don't have gaps in coverage. that's the responsibility i think all of us as regulators share. >> in terms of the reinstatement, what is the incentive for insurance company if they sent out cancellation notices? what would the incentive to go back and rewrite those policies? >> the problem would be if those folks who were canceled can't get on this flawed website and are not able to find out alternative coverage, find that alternative coverage, then the insurance company that sent the cancellation notice looks like the bad guy. i don't think they want that. they also want to find a way to kind of provide a little bit of a -- close the gap a little bit so that people don't fall through the cracks here, partly because and mostly because they weren't able to go on that website when they got those cancellation letters to find out what would be available for them. >> in terms of policies that would be canceled because they didn't meet the requirements of obama care that would go into the exchange so people theoretically can access the exchange and choose t
, but i don't see many people getting into that. >> a shorthand for this can be fiscally conservative and socially tolerant. it will show you that americans are much more physically conservative than their elected representatives and a majority of americans think that we should balance the budget. they think that we should legalize marijuana, no one wants to talk about that,. >> but more are coming around? >> yes, they will come around last. and so when you have this, there's much more libertarianism and the government and you'll begin to see some of these expressions in the political marketplace as well. john: all kinds of skepticism exists. and they are just considered odd at times including my colleagues >> even for a libertarian like you. >> that is what is happening. stossel doesn't care. so what is the hostility? >> part of it is that we have a two party -- a major two-party system in the country and people tend to special -- especially congregate around the republicans and they see everything through that. so you are by definition, you're on the other side is you make these cho
less than a dollar an hour. the women here count themselves lucky - they earn minimum wage. >> i don't have family out there on the street that support me, so for me, its an advantage. i'm just trying to get out of here. >> the prison had given us strict guidelines about what questions we could ask the inmates. >> it's work but it's educational training. >> but the pr officer couldn't control what happened once we entered the main yard. >> there's no water! people are dying? >> when our cameras entered, the inmates were called back inside. >> "ladies get inside!". >> "i'm trying to tell them there's rats in our rooms!". tension here is high. last year ccwf had to take in close to 1000 more inmates - when a nearby prison converted to a men's facility. it is now one of the most overcrowded prisons in california. tracy jones was one of the women forced to move. >> they combined two prisons into one and we were kicked out for male genders. so we're over here. >> many inmates told us off camera that the medical care was worse than before, and the conditions of their cells were appalling.
don't oppose the tax. i know people hate the verb we owe. i believe america is a blend of capitalism and free enterprise and a bit of soc.liialism. we have to take care of the elderly -- >> we do it already. the average american is giving such a large percentage of income. gallup, 47% of americans now say they cannot trust their president. billy cunningham, a majority of independents think the president of the united states deliberately lied to them. >> he should have said yesterday, i am not a crook. i am not a crook. that's what he should have done. it was that bad. he blatantly lied because the code of federal regulations and a bunch of government statutes said in 10, 11, 12, there will be millions of americans who lose their health insurance. he lied to get it passed. >> all we are doing doink is saying he lied. are we going to look at the train wreck and say, oh, it's a train wreck, it's a train wreck. yes, sean. he lied. we can all agree with that. >> if the everything is predicated on a lie, why not restart the debate and have an honest one? >> let me finish. >> nobody's got o
for thorough job that they've done to bring the charges that they brung against mr. wafer. i don't even know why i'm saying mr. wafer. this monster that killed my daughter. >> you took a life, and you took a beautiful life that was starting to blossom into a beautiful woman. and for that, i hope you stay in jail for the rest of your life. >> wafer's lawyer maintains he agented in self defense. bc onilery, al jazeera, new york. >>> just to note we also contacted the attorneys for theodore wafer but they did not get back to us. thank you very much for joining us tonight. ranisha mcbride's family must be relieved that mr. wafer was charged today. >> very, very pleased. these were the proper charges to be brought. we've waited two weeks as you've just stated but the prosecutor with the help of the michigan state police and the dearborn heights police department and her own investigators revealed that this was an unjustifiable homicide, that this was second degree murder. >> this is what we know about minimum about wafer so far. he has worked at the detroit airport for ten years, reportedly takes
supporting a republican bill allowing americans to keep their health plans even if they don't meet the affordable care act standards. the white house says the president will veto the bill >> formal charges have been vialed against theodore wafer, the michigan man who allegedly shot unarmed teenager renisha mcbride dead on his front porch. renisha mcbride crashed her car and walked to theodore wafer's house for wep. theodore wafer has been charged with murder. the details are unclear. >> devastation in the philippines - a struggle to reach survivors as thousands are homeless and desperate. international aid is pouring in as a clean-up operation tries to speed up deliveries of relief supplies. >> in china - an overhaul of the one-child rule. the ruling communist party decided couples can have a second child if the mum or dad is an only child. i'm morgan radford. those are the headlines. "consider this" is next and you can get the latest news online at see you in an hour. arms and almost two weeks later the shooter was charged. consider this, with similarities to the tr
don't want to talk about kennedy anymore. people are so eager. i can't imagine any other president about whom there is that sort of feeling. >> we have a few more weeks. i want to play it out and we do have a wonderful event here a few weeks ago sponsored by the open university of kennedy -- what kennedy and lincoln's second term would it look like and you asked would he have persuaded to ask congress to pass legislation involving civil rights? on that count would he have achieved what johnson achieved? >> i don't think he would have had the great society energy and commitment that johnson had because kennedy was essentially a foreign-policy president. that is to say politics can unseat you but foreign politics can kill you. he would have run against barry goldwater and would have won it did victory the way johnson did. he would have carried big democratic majorities into the house and senate with him and i think he would have gotten the big tax cut, the federal aid to education, the medicare and the civil rights bills passed. that would have put him in the lead with the most progr
that be passed to the tenants with retina increases >> i don't know. >> madam president and board members we have no intention of passing those costs onto the tenants nor b do we have a history of that. >> in your brief you referenced a notice that was given to a tenant that signed the lease subsequent and you say it's attached to an exhibit. >> it was actually submitted to the board a day late. i didn't see it under the submission >> we've given you 7 copies. >> so you have a copy for the appellant. >> i e-mailed it but i'll be happy to give him one. >> please. so it is your position you gave the proper closures. >> i have a question. i see that the chronology when was the roof work done to the building >> the cat is on the contract it's march 27. oh, yeah, i'll let dave speak to that >> i can speak better i was involved in the beginning. the roof work was done the work of april 1st and the contract was signed on the 27. the exiting tenant moved out he was a long-term resident over 25 years. this particular roof was only accessible from unit one and so it was during the process of
missed it he cursed in a reporter's face. >> if you don't have everything that's when you get to be mean to everybody. >>> tomorrow, strange but true health tips like skip that anti-bacterial soap. >> i knew that, that's true. >>> adding is all up, enrollment numbers disappointing, the number of cancellations growing. premiums rising. the health care site still embarrassing, and as the apologies keep on coming some influential democrats now calling for a single payer system, which is leading some to ask was the health care law designed to fail all along to force the need for government-run care for all? hi, everyone. i'm brenda but tner. gary smith, tracy burns, john layfield along with jamou green. lots of folks complaining this health care thing isn't going as planned. gary you say it's going exactly as planned. what do you mean? >> i do. i think they want to get to the point where government controls everything, aka the single payer system where government is in charge of all of health care. you saw that little clip that john podesta pointed out like medicare is for a single payer sys
or maim another human being? i don't understand where the disconnect is in terms of federal or state system. >> i think it gets down to the difference between rage on the one hand and lopez on the other which this court held as a rational way to regulate commerce to prohibit certain items. >> there is no dispute that these chemicals were transported along interstate lines. that is not even disputed. >> i don't finger was disputed in lopez, the firearm would have to cross state lines the the problem in lopez was the federal statute was not structured in a way that had a jurisdictional nexus that made the statute applicable as a regulation. >> this case to decide the commerce clause question. the government didn't even a search it. they assert it now but as we took the case the issue was whether the treaty supported the laws. >> that is right, just as scalia and the government like a private party can wave a constitutional argument but on the other hand i would say we are not particularly concerned about the commerce clause argument because it has the same basic defect as the treaty po
that maybe the president wore a jersey, that might help? >> i don't know. he's got hollywood on his side all the time. but it hasn't helped him much. because obama has dipped to 39% is this disaster has been rolling out and it has not been good for him and i think that it represents for voters in the united states and toronto, i think voters really do care about how the guide governance. rob ford is, you know, he's led tax cuts and whether the propelling job growth, fastest job growth areas in the whole part of canada. in the united states obama is overseeing a disastrous health care law. a candidate from the poll numbers really care about how you govern and not necessarily about your personal life. although that does play a role. neil: i'm wondering what it says with a reserve of goodwill you could have and whether you blow it or it goes away to what he can keep it and build upon it. the conventional argument is that this president is blowing away because the mayor, there might be more that he can drop or painful revelations that are still to come, but it seems that he's trying to get us ou
the number of vehicles to make sure they don't accumulate more than 5 during the time which makes them subject to towing. you can see the regulations that were posted were pretty effect ever in the areas that they were posted. the over size vehicled parking in those areas specifically were pretty much minimized, to less than 5 percent of what they were observed from previously. as i mentioned earlier, there were some cases where we observed that the over size vehicles parked just outside the pilot area or displaced to areas immediately adjacent. those are some of the locations where we need to pay some special attention to and follow up. >> can you read some of the locations? >> full ton street we observed 15 vehicles parked along the stretch. 2 #shgs lincoln way, clarng ton from 3-0, pennsylvania 4-0. toe land, and 4-0 and industrial area 3-0. >> there is one fan. it looks like at 7th street and 16th street and berry street there were 21 and it's gone down to zero? >> yes. none observed afterwards. >> all right. thank you so much. please continue. i'm sorry, supervisor mar. i didn't
survivors of massive typhoon haiyan don't have any idea what has happened. but they are fight new york lives. and they don't even have a hospital to help. ivan watson takes us inside of an unlikely neonatal icu. >> reporter: we're in one of the hospitals in tacloban, i'm going to take you into the chapel to show you something that i've never really seen anywhere in the world. take a look. for the past week, this has been the neonatal intensive care unit. there are now 27 babies who are in this chapel right now. almost all of them were born after the typhoon. over here, this is the icu, the intensive care unit. now, this mother is taking turns with the father, manually pumping oxygen into their daughter's lungs because their daughter is not breathing. normally, if there wasn't a storm, this would be done by machines. but there's no electricity right now. so not only are there no breathing devices, but there are no incubators and thermal regulation is a problem for these children, the doctors say. for these infants. this is a preemie. born premature, six weeks early. and the doctors say this i
kept saying don't worry, if you don't have health insurance, you'll get taken care of in the emergency room. you can't have it both ways here. i do agree with david about the length of the -- i kept -- i was with a group of people on -- actually onset on a television talk show and we all of course had to stop and watch the thing and we all fairly experienced in politics and saying where is jay carney saying thank you very much ladies and gentlemen? i was shocked. i don't know of a press secretary that would have let this go on like this for any president and it should have been cut off. david is right. let me come to david on that. i thought it was strange, it was like he was out there as a sitting duck wanting to take the harpoons coming his way but for what purpose? because nobody came away thinking okay, that sorted that then. >> well, i -- it's hard to explain. i think he feels very vulnerable. i think he feels humiliated. i agree with howard. i think for the most part he has been an honest president and that's to his credits. what i disagree is his staff let him down. i'm sorry, b
to us before making those statements. i don't know if we authorized that statement to be made. the point is that if we allow the companies on an annual basis to publish these statistics, it it's going to simply provide additional information out there as new companies come online and pop up you may have a company that for a period of years shows no orders and then all of a sudden starts showing orders and that conveys a message that says, we have the capability to collect this now. the more detail we provide out there and the more we break this down by authorities and companies, the more easy it becomes for our adversaries to know where to talk and where not to talk. what we have agreed to allow the companies to do is to report the aggregate number of times in which they provide information to the government and that seems to me is an adequate way of providing the public the information they need to know about the minuscule proportion of times in which that actually happens and breaking it down nurt in our view crosses the line of the balance between transparency and national security. >
delivering two things many typhoon victims don't have. food and clean water. >> we had about 20 sites. people that have not had any contact before. probably double in the next doubleday's. >> a first look at the carrier's humanitarian mission. many houses had no roofs. others were destroyed. the moment our chopper landed residents formed a human chain unloading more than 150 boxes of supplies in a matter of minutes. >> a lot o small villages. luckily because of the ships we can access most of them. doctors deliver a truckload of medical supies outside conditions are worse. contaminated water is a breeding ground for cholera and hepatitis. neighborhoods of the more than piles of debris. >> i think they need a lot of help. >> reporter: amid the rubble the smell of death. >> dead bodies are brought to the curb, put in body bags and then picked up by garbage trucks. >> mile after mile bodies line the streets. the debtor stacked high. a trash truck is the hearse. destroying more than property. for some it also took their dignity. another issue, some criticized local officials for allowing i commer
can't be the leader of it? >> i don't think it -- i don't think an independent candidate can possibly win a three-way race. if you think about it. you run a three-way race and translate to a morality of the electorial college vote. get to the house where each state gets one vote and republicans have 30 odd delegations. it's a virtual yule impossibility for the presidency. what i wish that americans elect would do is say instead of trying to get candidates to run or path and run for a job that is impossible for them to win is encourage independent candidates. people who are ceo or university presidents, community leaders to run as independents for the house and for the senate. >> yeah. >> there is nothing wrong with the senate that three or four legitimately independent senators could fix. it could go a long way. there's a structure barrier on the presidential side. there simply can't be -- >> you agree. >> that was sort of -- trying to finish my thought. that's what i'm shocked at. what where the 2014 candidates? it would be so easy -- i look at my home state of florida and w
problematic. >> now it's up to the insurance companies and if they don't deliver, they are the bad guys. >> so is president obama's so-called fix helping anyone or just creating chaos? kansas insurance commissioner sandy pragueer joins us. good evening, commissioner. >> good evening. >> so, tell me. >> nice to be with you. >> the president's administrative fix. is this going to solve things in your state? ened i know you are part of the national organization. first for you? >> it's not going to create a huge problem for us. we did have about 9,000 policies, maybe a little more cancelled or notifications that went out that they would be cancelled at the twinning of 2014. so, i think probably those policies will be reinstated. we haven't confirmed that yet with the companies. but i'm hopeful that -- our main focus is on making sure people don't have gaps in coverage. that's the responsibility that i think all of us as regulators share. >> in terms of the reinstatement, what is the incentive of the insurance companies if they have sent out cancellation notices? what would be the incentive for the
light on the scale of devastation. they must survive a still don't have a roof over their hands officials say three thousand six hundred and one people and contents dense and one thousand one hundred and seventy nine missing. about one point eight seven million people out there and that damaged homes in the eighteen percent of them sitting outdoors. they couldn't get into the evacuation sentence that well but the fool. some survive as a church thing instructions that lost their lives in that time there. on this and build cars from ron paul. the supplies and non teaching most avant this because of the month of you and transportation. countries including the united states and japan of this today. this anymore personnel and transport options has the support of relief operations. japanese companies as in boosting the country's help for it i could survive as a political self defense forces to launch the arabic instead of the seas and the operation. i missed a twenty oh nine the tax code. c'mon tested mobilized in the one thousand two hundred packs in now there's a tell them to increa
there's a sort of a code of respect among presidents, recent presidents. they don't call each other names like this. cheney, is he exempt there the rule? >> no, he's not exempt there the rule. but he made himself exempt. i don't think you'll hear george w. bush making a statement like that. but dick cheney has a different agenda. first of all, his daughter is run fog are the senate in wyoming as a tea party candidate, rather absurdly, since she's basically from the beltway. and dick cheney is trying to help her out by appealing to the tea party worst. i think that's what's going on, number one. number two i think republicans more generally, chris, have always been infuriated by the high personal standarding of president barack obama. by him sz a candidate. by him as a president. by the fact that he has seen to many of his supporters and to most americans, to be an honest, straightforward, decent guy. and this somehow is especially infuriating to republicans. it drives them crazy, and they're doing everything they can now given the opportunity to try to drag him down to their level.
they've been added to over time. >> retaining wall like this, you don't need to put anything extra. if it's minor, often people will put these tiny gauges. and you epoxy it onto the wall. it will show -- it just stays there and it will show whether or not this crack is opening up or moving one way or another. and you'll see these around town occasionally. this is a sign of a potential (speaker not understood). [laughter] >> okay. so along the sidewalk here is a failing retaining wall. give it a couple years and it will be replaced. >> it's interesting, when these walls rotate over, as the wall rotates over, it unloads the is soil behind the wall because it creates a gap. that's why (speaker not understood) failed dramatically. (speaker not understood). push on the wall again and leans over. this is the technical issue of strained versus unrestrained walls. the fact the wall is leaning over it's trying to move away from the soil to unload itself. >> this is a buttress wall and the buttresses come down in the spaces between each of the garages. an interesting, unusual design, but we
. i don't think that is all that helpful because you really are not giving people an idea of how much is -- you're mixing apples and oranges. how many wiretaps and mobsters. to me it it doesn't create the kind of transparency that creates the kind of knowledge the american people. i have some time. >> i guess i can go. over my own time. i have seconds and will try to answer a question. i understand that you think that my bill would require too much e detail. i'm going to weigh that feedback very carefully. but i do want to point out that when i drafted the government reporting requirements and the bill i modelled them after the wiretap report that they release every year. if you look at last year's report it breaks down the number of wiretaps by specific jurisdiction and breaks down those numbers by the nature of the wiretap. last year's wiretap report shows that federal prosecutors in manhattan secured wiretap orders for mobile phones 48 times in 201 while their colleagues only broke them five times in the same period. the wiretap report contains a wealth of information and nobody is
. joyce carol oates is the author. ms. oates, we don't often have novelists on booktv on c-span, but this is historical fiction in a sense, isn't it? >> oh, yes. >> how so? >> well, i did a tremendous amount of research, and that was the most pleasant part of the writing into princeton and vicinity in the years 1905 or '6 when woodrow wilson was president of princeton university. >> host: what was princeton like at that time? >> guest: well, princeton at that time, it's a kind offal goer call representation of affluent white, christian america in general and princeton is sort of an exemplary community. and woodrow wilson has a cameo in your book, doesn't he? >> guest: well, woodrow wilson is a principal character, he's in much of the novel, and in a sense, it's about wood wilson. he's confronted by a demon. he's tempted and -- well, i shouldn't say what happens, but he behaves quite nobly in the novel. but he does represent many of the shortcomings of people of his time such as he was a racist, and he was a sexist and other -- probably his most principal problem was that he
, we want you to be part of this conversation, and don't forget to tweet us at the hashtag that you see on the screen right now. >> albuquerque is set to vote on this issue next tuesday, and if passed, it bans pregnancy after 2 20 weeks except in cases of rape or incest. three have bans, but albuquerque would be the first in the united states to approve such a ban. the ban would be felt statewide, as albuquerque is the only city in new mexico that offersbortioningoffersabortion . who should have a say? tonight, joining me. lila rose, and tara bresler, the editor of think progress, who has been covering this for a while. and antoinette, a professor in albuquerque. and is this the first time about watching ajam stream, we're all about access. we use google and i'm going to start with you, as mentioned in july, texas joined 12 other states that approved a ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and what does the vote in albuquerque mean for the statewide legislation? >> well, albuquerque is the only city that has a clinic that will do these midterm abortions at 20 weeks, and if they'
agree. thank you. that is all the time we have left. don't forget start each weekday morning with fox and friends. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> this is entirely lawless. >> i wonder if he he has the legal authority to do that. >> there is no constitutional authority for the president to have done this. >> conservatives and liberals both saying that president obama might be violating the law. we'll have a factor investigation. >> i have got to give your governor a little bit of credit. john kasich. president obama saying nice things. that occurs some case maybe even many cases because is he african-american. >> and is oprah winfrey saying president obama's critics are racist? we'll discuss it. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. and the factor begins right now. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. it's complicated. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as congress debated today whether to proceed legislatively to help the millions of americans who have had their insurance policies cancelled, i was thinking about one of the points the p
bureaucracies don't work well. >> how we purchase technology in the federal government is cumbersome, complicated, and outdated. if you are doing it at the federal government level, you know, you are going through 40 pages of specs and this and that and the other and all kinds of laws involved and it makes it it more difficult, it's part of the reason why chronically federal it programs are overbudget, behind schedule. >> sounds like a conservative there. wow. what a revelation. government bureaucracies aren't as efficient as the free market. does that sound familiar? that was one of the main reasons republicans were united against obamacare. most of them at least understood what would have happened once the washington bureaucracy started trying to implement the thousand page law that there would be terrible, unintended consequences for the american people. consequences like policy cancellations, premium hikes, doctor shortages, that's just to name a few. of course when conservatives made these arguments during the past five years they were called obstructionists and things like tea
's the way it goes. >> don't tell me that person was at a strip club. >> sounds like it. >> charles what do you make of that, that we already now started addressing the problems with this law but now i'm beginning to suspect come the costs. what do you think? >> well, we're talking already 300,000 into medicaid, a program that was bust to begin with. we're talking about by the way it was never suggested or i've never heard the president say taxpayers were subsidized, health care insurance for people who have jobs, in fact up to 400% above poverty, a brand new entitlement, that's going to cost trillions of dollars, and by the way you had a plan that was supposedly substandard we'll get you a better one, like a banker telling you hey, why don't you buy this million-dollar house you can't afford. history not only repeating it self but exponentially more dangerously so. >> what do you think? >> i think it's a dangerous proposition that we're getting into where you already have marco rubio the senator calling for legislation to ban a bailout of the insurance companies and that is a real possibil
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